Golden Years of late fifties through end of seventies
helped by overly generous funding by the federal government

– Captioning for the Deaf (films, movies, TV programs)
– National Theatre of the Deaf
– Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
– Model Secondary School for the Deaf
– Model State Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation Services (has been closed)
– Council of Organizations Serving the Deaf (has been closed)
– Fort Monroe Conference on Deaf Vocational Rehabilitation needs (has been closed)
– Manufacturing of decoder chips needed for captioned TV (has been closed)
– NAD’s Communication Skills ProgramĀ  (has been closed)
– National Leadership Training Program at CSUN (has been closed)
– Research & Training Center, New York University (has been closed)
– Research & Training Center, University of Arkansas (has been closed)
– Gallaudet summer programs for teacher re-training (has been closed)
– Mental Health Research, NY Psychiatric Institute (has been closed)
– Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois research on deafness (has been closed)
– PhD project for the deaf, Syracuse University (has been closed)
– PhD project for the deaf, University of Arizona (has been closed)

– and many, many others, too numerous to be listed
Good times have come to an end. Most of the programs have been closed