the short lived Hofstra deaf sports experiment

Hofstra University (near New York City) is a NCAA-I
program in all sports. Their first deaf athlete
was wrestler Marty Willigan who was runnerup in
NCAA wrestling championships. He would have been
champions easily if he wrestled in a different
weight level but he wanted to challenge Dan
Gable, the all-time greatest collegiate wrestler.

Bob Getchell was his wrestling coach. Years later
he wanted Hofstra to recruit deaf athletes in
different sports. And durng the eighties,
he had Andrew Metz play football and Willie
Brown play basketball. Andrew, who was playing
at Indiana SD, planned to play at Gallaudet but
was shocked to get a scholarship offer from
Hofstra. Willie, despite his 6’8 height, was not
heavily recruited while playing at Georgia SD.
He, too, played at Hofstra. And they both
were roommates. Andrew stayed on and played
four seasons and graduated. Willie only played
two seasons before transferring to Georgia

That was the end of Hofstra’e efforts to recruit
deaf athletes! Since then Hofstra dropped football.