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Regional Reporter: Oceania

Website H3worldtv H3 Network Media Alliance

Broadcasting in International Sign

H3 Network Media Alliance has an opening for a Regional Reporter for its DeafWire TV news
show which streams on H3 World TV.

DeafWire has a “World Regional Report” in each of six World Regions. Each Regional
Reporter provides a monthly video report.

This is a great opportunity for the person who wants to report on Deaf News impacting their
Region, cover issues that Deaf Communities are dealing with, report on quality of Deaf Life
within the Region, and services that are available to Deaf people there. This person can also
provide information relevant to Deaf tourists visiting their Region. This Regional Reporter will
have the opportunity to advance opportunities, increase knowledge and create positive
perceptions of Deaf Communities within their Region.

We are looking for deaf person who are knowledgeable and follow current issues and events
in Deaf Communities within a specific World Region. This person will need to research,
compile, write and present by filming him/herself using their mobile camera, and sending to
us. Video should be up to 2 minutes.
We will edit, caption and stream the report as part of DeafWire once a month.

We are now recruiting “Regional Reporter” for the following World Region:
● Asia
● Oceania

This is a voluntary community service project but with great opportunities to promote yourself
and your World Region! This is an opportunity to bring international attention to issues and
events happening to Deaf communities within a specific Region.

What You Need:
Good knowledge of English and writing, networking with Deaf communities, aware of
news/issues concerning Deaf communities. We prefer you use International Sign, but it is not

To ask questions:, Subject: “Regional Reporter” or to Apply: submit
an online application

To apply for this job email your details to