H3 Network Media Alliance

H3 Network Media Alliance, an international Deaf media organization based in Toronto, Canada is seeking a Researcher & Program Host for the “DeafGPS” news program which streams every 3 months.

“DeafGPS” is an investigative program that explores a specific topic of relevance to Global Deaf viewing audiences.

The DeafGPS Researcher & Program Host researches, identifies and contacts interviewees, arranges and coordinates video responses, transcribes their responses, and assembles the final script. The DeafGPS Researcher & Program Host will also be the on-air Signer. This program is presented in International Sign (IS) with English closed captions. This candidate would work with News Editor on topics, prospective interviewees, script development and production.

a) Research, compile, brainstorm and maintain list of possible controversial or essential topics relevant to Deaf global viewing audiences;
b) After obtaining approval from News Editor, Upon approval, research and interview prospects, and write full script;
c) Create list of DeafGPS questions, identify, recruit, interview and coordinate email and other communications with prospective interviewees;
d) write transcripts, edit stories and assembles final script;
e) Appear on camera to present introduce, interview and report on topic using your own high quality mobile phone;
f) Send video footages of self and interviewees to video editor with full final transcript which we will use to caption video.

The DeafGPS reports can be seen at https://h3world.tv/shows_name/deafgps/

This is a paid freelance position working remotely from your location. Must be proficient in International Sign and fluent in written English. Candidate should be proficient use of International Sign (IS), and knowledgeable of Deaf communities, trends and ability to research on topic and coordinate interviews for full-length program is essential. Meeting deadlines is critical. 

To ask questions: Opportunities@h3world.tv, Subject: “DeafGPS Researcher” or 
To Apply: submit an online application.