Position: Overnight Residential Counselor

Definition: Residential Counselor will provide surveillance over a group of students in a
residential setting just before, during, and after sleeping periods until the first
class begins or staff coverage. In addition, monitor all residential activities,
which support their residential students’ social, physical, intellectual,
communication and emotional development.

• BA/BS degree in Human Services or equivalent preferred.
• High School diploma with 2 years of experience in residential setting
may be equivalent.
• Fluency in American Sign Language.
• Ability to communicate and work effectively as part of a team.
• Knowledge of issues and priorities important to the students’ needs in
residential program preferred.
• Competency in Microsoft Office software programs.
• Willingness to work a varied schedule.
• MA Driver License must be secured and in good standings.
Supervisor: Residential Supervisor and/or Director of Student Life
Functions and Responsibilities:
• Provide direct supervision and support to the residential students.
• Responsible to support, plan or maintain the residential activities and independent living skills to
meet identified individual residential student and/or programmatic needs.
• Utilize database to ensure all externally and internally required reports are complete, accurate,
and implemented on schedule.
• Work collaboratively with TLC colleagues to facilitate students’ educational, social, recreational
and life skills activities within existing programs.
• Be accountable for the general supervision of residential students and to remain on duty during
emergency situations.
• Remain awake and alert in his/her assigned dormitory unless instructed otherwise by the
Residential Supervisor and/or Director of Student Life.
• Maintain residential program’s expectations including the school policies and procedures.
• Assist TLC staff with coordinating other related activities as deemed appropriate.
• Perform other tasks as assigned by the Residential Supervisor and/or Director of Student Life.