DEFINITION: The Quality Assurance Coordinator performs activities that ensure that
The Learning Center (TLC) is in compliance with the regulations
established by the Massachusetts Department of of Elementary and
Secondary Education (ESE) and the Massachusetts Department of
Early Education and Care (EEC) as well as other agencies that may
provide oversight to TLC. The coordinator also ensures TLC is in
compliance with all federal regulations protecting the rights of students
who receive special education services, and ensures the school
continues to meet the standards of the accrediting agencies.
The Coordinator will be a leader who works to ensure that the school
culture is driven to achieve excellence through continuous performance
and quality improvement (PQI).
The Coordinator will be responsible for the planning, development and
implementation of comprehensive professional staff training and
development with a particular focus on Individual Professional
Development Plan opportunities that support the goals of the individual
and the school.
• Master’s Degree in Deaf Education, Special Education, or a related
field with experience in administration or project management.
• Knowledge of the licensing processes under ESE, EEC.
• Familiarity with laws, regulations and policies related to special
• Staff training and development in an educational setting working
with school-age children.
• Personal characteristics for working effectively with students,
faculty, staff, supervisors, administrators, as well as parents and
community members.
• Excellent communication and writing skills.
• Proficiency in American Sign Language preferred
• Ability to take initiative and use time management to remain
focused to complete projects and time-sensitive activities.
• Ability to use technology to collect data and to share information.
SUPERVISOR: Associate Executive Director
Work within TLC’s community as the liaison responsible for the areas of licensure and
approval through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
(ESE), the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).
Responsibility for compliance with Federal and State special education rules and regulations
including Massachusetts Educator Certification and Recertification.
Assist the Director in achieving and maintaining regulatory standards and standards for
accreditation through COA, CEASD and NEASC.
Complete and submit data required by regulatory and accreditation organizations.
Provide training and education to staff at TLC in all areas related to compliance and
performance improvement activities.
Develop policies and procedures that ensure effective and respectful data collection and
analysis functions are regularly conducted.
Communicate school policies and procedures related to compliance, safety, and continuous
performance and quality improvement to students, staff and parents.
Work closely with program directors and educational leaders to ensure that required trainings
and compliance activities are conducted regularly.
Collect and analyze data and provide project management guidance in all performance
improvement projects and activities.
Work with staff and management to identify areas where services and processes can be
improved; suggest and implement corrective action plans.
Monitor progress and completion of goals related to compliance and performance
Coordinate an ongoing continuum of professional development activities that supports the
school’s goals and the professional goals of the staff and faculty.
Monitor and encourage educator licensure and ensure that all professional credentials are
current. Serve as a resource to staff seeking licensure, as the liaison to DESE’s licensure
Provide leadership to new teacher mentoring and induction programs.
Coordinate Annual Training Plan and Calendar in partnership with program directors and
gather the required data to verify staff completion of the required training sessions.
Collaborate with Human Resources to ensure candidates for educational and clinical positions
have the appropriate current ESE and/ or State Board of Registration professional license or
have completed the application process that will enable TLC to apply for a waiver.
Oversee feedback collection through student, staff, parent, focus group, and LEA surveys.
Communicate results of all surveys to the school community and ensure that specific
information related to areas needing to be addressed are attended to.
Stay abreast of and communicate critical DESE and federal updates/changes to the school
Each application will be carefully reviewed, and those candidates who are most qualified will be
invited for an interview. The Learning Center for the Deaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer.