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List of deaf-owned restaurants and eateries

Los Angeles, CA
Big Mango Cafe & Big Mango Catering Kitchen
deaf owner: Jonathan Weiss

Manhattan Beach, CA
deaf owner: Darren Weiss

(Jonathan Weiss and Darren Weiss are not related to each other)

San Diego, CA
Feast of this Catering
deaf owner: Matthew Baker

San Francisco, CA
deaf owners: Russell & Melody Stein

Tonganoxie, KS & Eudora, KS
Gambino’s Pizza
deaf owner: Ryan Boden

Utica, NY
The Cage (closed up)
deaf owner: Matt Hamill

Buda, TX
ViUDA Bistro (no longer in business)
deaf owners: Kurt Ramborger & Paul Rutkowski

Port Aransas, TX
Kodys Restaurant and Bar
deaf owner: David Myers

Port Aransas, TX
Giggitys Restaurant and Bar
deaf owner: David Myers

Stanardville, VA
The Standard (no longer in business; catering services continue)
deaf owner: Matt O’Varanese

Rome, Italy
Hassler Roma
deaf owner: Roberto Wirth

(the hotel has several restaurants on the premises)

London, England
Bonny Appetit
deaf owner: Bonny Porter

New York, NY
atable! Catering
deaf owner: Alan Abrams

Tokyo, Japan
Ramen Atelier Toki-chan
deaf owner: Tokizawa Tadayoshi


this list may not be complete; if you know of other deaf owners of restaurants, please email

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