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Malcolm Norwood passed away in 1989, a year
after he retired as Chief of Media Services
and Captioned Films for the Deaf with the
Department of Education.


Long fascinated with captions – movies,
film strips, TV, he made it his lifetime
passion (and obsession). As a young man
he learned how to set up captions on
film strips in the classrooms. He then
moved on to captioned movies, helping
the Department of Education distribute
these captioned 16mm movies for viewing
in private homes and deaf clubs and
deaf groups. Outgrowing it, his next
and toughest target was captioned TV
programs. He faced fierce resistence
from people in the TV industry, but
he would not give up. Through his
powers of persuasion, rather slowly
over the years, TV executives gave
in and agreed to caption their
TV programs – and he had it
accomplished during these
pre-ADA years!


Young people do not know who he
was and it is a crying shame.

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