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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 28, 2011

– The Price is Right for the deaf

Many of us like to watch “The Price is Right” TV game show.
We like to see how the participants bid wrong on stuff
they want to win. And the Department of Justice was also
interested but for a different reason – that it discriminated
against the deaf, thus violating the ADA. A settlement was
reached in that the program and the web site must show captions,
and that the deaf that want to participate cannot be
discriminated against. And also that the people working with
the program be trained on what ADA is all about.



–  A new Deaf TV program in Texas

We’ve had some Deaf TV programs in the past. And
there is a new one, aired in the Austin, Texas
area. It is “ACCESS News” and it is being shown
once a month. Anchor Tamara Suiter-Ocuto, a
deaf woman, will feature news, interviews and
entertainment. Sponsoring that program is
Civication Inc, a non-profit agency. The half-hour
long program will include ASL and captions. Guests
being interviewed will be from various public and
private sectors.


– A nervous airline scared of the deaf?

A group of nearly 20 deaf passengers were not
allowed to board an Air Méditeranée airline
in France. Why? The airline policy said “a deaf
person has a reduced mobility.” Reduced mobility?
Is it saying deaf people cannot walk? Or cannot
talk to crew members? The French authorities were
not too happy with the incident and will conduct

– There is a doctor that ADA people will never sue!

In Pittsburgh, Dr. Deborah Gilboa works with patients
at a health clinic. She is valuable, not only because
she knows medicine but knows sign language and is
able to communicate with deaf patients. And if deaf
patients have an appointment with another doctor
in her clinic, she functions as the interpreter.
This is a win-win situation for the deaf and for the
clinic that does not have to worry about paying
interpreting fees!

– A vest: an embarrassment for the state of Vermont

Rene Pellerin, the deaf-blind leader in Vermont,
is wearing a special vest, which is an embarrassment
for the state of Vermont. To see what the vest is
all about, view:

It is not captioned. Please wait until the end of the
video to take a look at the vest.

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