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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 26, 2011


— Our deaf NFL cheerleaders

A big story broke out last week of Melissa Adams, a deaf woman, becoming a cheerleader with the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. She is not the first deaf cheerleader in the NFL. The others before her were:

Lisa Fishbein, Miami Dolphins

Christina Murray, Dallas Cowboys

Mona Vierra, Oakland Raiders


 — What is normal? What is disabled?

A deaf student, attending Georgetown University, said:

If you say “disabled” you usually mean that the person is unable to function in society like normal people. I am normal. Deaf people are normal. We just have a different language, different culture, and a different way of viewing life.


— European “911” number not accessible to the deaf

Europe’s 112 emergency number is supposed to function the same as our 911 number. There are already complaints that this 112 number does not work with the deaf. Even though the European Commission has mandated the use of the 112 number for Europeans in need, there are still problems. A lot has to do with delays in getting the equipment set up everywhere in Europe. And this is hurting the deaf the most.


— A $215,000 diamond engagement ring or $12,000 hearing aids

New York attorney Ira Schacter, not deaf, going through a divorce, was dating Playboy-bunny Lace Rose Allenius. He gave her a $215,000 diamond engagement ring, but refused pay $12,000 for hearing aids for his deaf daughter. It backfired because the fiancee broke off the engagement and returned the $215,000 ring to him! It was a big story in the New York Post, a popular tabloid.


— A lot of work involved with Wonderstruck, a novel with a deaf theme

Brian Selznick wrote the novel Wonderstruck. It took him three years to complete it. To learn about Deaf Culture, he went to New York, and researched Deaf Culture at the 47 School for the Deaf. A deaf archivist Lloyd Shikin helped him with the research. The story weaves back and forth between two parallel characters of different years. Rose, a deaf girl, of the year 1927 and Ben, who became deaf because of a lightning hit, of the year 1977.



  — Position Announcement (closing date Friday, October 28th) Information Office Supervisor Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Frankfort, KY

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