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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 28, 2011

— A teacher questioning arrested deaf man at police station!

Normally when a deaf person is arrested, the police would use
an interpreter to help with questioning at the police station.
This should be the way in USA. But in India, it seems things
are different. A deaf man was arrested for theft, and the police
could not question him because of communication difficulties.
Instead the police hired a teacher from a school for the deaf
to question the arrested deaf man. We are lucky it does not
happen in USA.

— A deaf musician with his unusual skills

Musicians normally play with just one instrument, such as
a violin, a saxaphone, guitar, etc. They spend hours of practice
to perfect their skills with that just one instrument. Even
Evelyn Glennie, the world’s most famous deaf musician, only plays
the percussion. Yet, musician Jay’d Hagberg is deaf and is capable
of playing more than 30 different instruments! He is from the
Twin Cities area of Minnesota and studied music for a while in

— A deaf girl wins hearing Spelling Bee championship

Emily Neal, a 4th grade deaf girl in Chesapeake, Ohio, has won local
and regional spelling bee championships. And while she came in
second place in the county, she hopes to be able to compete
in the national spelling bee championships. A difficult word
she was able to spell easily was “bildungsroman”

— Painful to take a dizziness & balance exam

A deaf person is going to take a VNG test. VNG? It is called
videonystagmography! And to get ready for that exam, this
deaf person must follow these rules:

* no eating or taking liquids for 4 hours before the exam
* no alcoholic drinks for 2 days before the exam
* no coffee or soft drinks the day of the xam
* no medicine for two days before the exam
* (for women), no make up the day of the exam

This deaf person will be dizzy and uncomfortable on the day of
the exam. Why VNG? To tell the doctor why you may have dizziness
or balance problems!

— 10-year old deaf girl’s best Christmas gift

Amorette Mackey is a deaf 10-year old girl that lives in
College Springs, Iowa. For six months, she begged for a
very special Christmas gift. And in few days before
Christmas, she was at a basketball game with her ASL
signing choir. Suddenly she got the surprise she was asking
for. It was in a big box that was pushed towards her.
Someone came out of the box and shocked her. It was her
daddy, Sgt. Seth Mackey, who just came home from Iraq. People
watching the basketball game stood up and cheered at
the surprise.

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