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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 15, 2012

— A deaf relay call leads to a SWAT raid on a house

In Murfreesboro, TN, a SWAT team  stormed a house. They
were responding to a deaf relay call about a violent
incident. Two things went wrong. The house occupants were
hearing. And the deaf relay call was a fake. The police is
investigating how it happened.


— A deaf group getting lost on China’s Great Wall

The Great Wall is famous tourist attraction in China, 5,500 miles
long, more than USA’s coast to coast. Three deaf Belgians and a deaf
Chinese tour guide got lost at the Great Wall! How? They walked
outside of the wall on a path that came from the Great Wall. They
continued to walk on, thinking it was still the Great Wall!
Fortunately, they were rescued, miles away from the Great Wall.


— Could police officers be that bad?

A deaf woman from Tacoma, Washington, saw a physical threat,
and called police on 911 video relay. The police was told
the caller was deaf. But when police arrived and saw her
waving her arms, they told her, by voice and no interpreter,
to calm down. She didn’t understand and was still waving.
The police, thinking she was violent, tasered her before
arresting her. She was in jail for 3 days without interpreter.
The angry prosecutor refused to press charges. Police that bad?

— A famous retired athlete plans a comeback

Matt Hamill, who retired after being badly beaten up in his
last Ultimate Fighting match, is coming back. He will fight
again in Toronto on September 22nd against a rookie.
Wise or foolish to come back? Hamill is a great wrestler but
not so great in boxing. He defeats weaker opponents but loses
to better opponents. Most fighters that come back fail
again. DeafDigest hopes Matt will not fail.


— A deaf woman hopes to become a firefighter

Emma Hardy, a young deaf woman from Portland, Maine, hopes
to become a firefighter. She attended a firefighting camp
held for hearing women and said:

I want to prove to people that I can do this despite the
fact that I’m deaf

We have deaf volunteer firemen; most are not allowed
to enter buildings to fight fires. But we have a deaf
fire chief – Mark Kite, with the Yukon Volunteer
Fire Department near Pittsburgh.



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