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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 29, 2012

— No more 800 relay numbers

In the past, deaf people were able to get 800 relay numbers.
No more because FCC said no. Last day to use the 800 number
for free is November 21st. After that, it is not free.
Why did FCC say no? Because hearing people have to pay for
800 numbers and they felt it is not fair if deaf get use
the number for free.

— A town in Indiana not friendly to the deaf

Wanatah is a small town in Indiana, of 1,000 people. This town has
board meetings that are open to the public – but with a warning.
If you are deaf, the town won’t hire an interpreter or use a CART
system. If you are hard of hearing, then you must sit in the front
row because the town won’t set up an amplification system. This
was what one Wanatah resident, himself deaf, complained about.


— SONY captioning glass – good or bad?

SONY captioning glass – good or bad? People that wear
eyeglasses will have problems with the SONY glass. And
after using it for about 15-30 minutes, it feels
heavier and heavier. And the green captions may cause
stress on the eyes. What is good about it? You will see
the captions, but that is about it.



— Deaf devices discussed at computer hackers’ convention

Every year the hackers hold their convention at Las Vegas.
A panel at the recent convention focused on hacking into
medical devices. Goal was to make lives better for the deaf
and the disabled. Discussed was hacking into a cochlear
implant, a hearing aid, eye lens implant for the deaf-blind,
artificial finger with USB device to allow ASL-signing,
camera implanted behind a person’s head to know who is
following behnd, etc. A Bionic Deaf Man? Possibly!



— Dummy Hoy’s intelligence

Famous deaf baseball player Dummy Hoy never went to
Gallaudet. Was he smart? A sportswriter wrote on his
web site:

Hoy was one of the more intelligent players of his day

Could he have gone to Gallaudet? Possibly, but if he
did, he would not have become a famous ball player!
Possibly becoming a teacher in a deaf school.



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