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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 23, 2013


— trying to avoid a drunk driving charge

A deaf driver was stopped in New Jersey on a drunk
driving charge. While there was no interpreter,
the cop communicated fully with the drunk driver
with gestures and notes. The deaf driver told
the cop she understood everything. Yet later she
complained to the judge that she had no interpreter
and didn’t know she had to give a breath sample at
the police headquarters. Is she trying to use her
deafness as an excuse? It is up to the judge and
he will make the decision in few weeks.


— first deaf rapper?

Who is the first deaf rapper? The late Shawn Dale
Barnett said he was. People are saying that Sean
Forbes is. And now this – Prinz-D (first name not
known) is saying that he is. He lives near Gallaudet
University and was originally from Alabama. Will
every new deaf rapper still say they were the first
deaf rapper? There is so much jealousy in the
world of music, both deaf and hearing.


— a stolen purse

A deaf woman’s purse was stolen. Inside the purse was her
cochlear implant equipment. Maybe the purse is not the
best place to hold the CI if a deaf woman takes it off?
Anyway, the store video caught robbery. The police is
studying the video to see if the thief’s identification
could be made.


— what has become of Heather Whitestone?

As we all know, Heather Whitestone, a deaf woman,
won the 1995 Miss America pageant. Since then we have
not heard much from her. What has become of her
nowadays? She lives in Seaisland, Georgia, with
her husband and is expecting her fourth child.
She has written four books and makes public appearances
from time to time.

— a full ASL TV episode with open captions

On March 4th 2013, the ‘Switched at Birth’ will be
fully ASL, with no voice. Just to be on the safe
side for hearing people, the program will be open
(not closed) captioned. TV people are saying it will
be a groundbreaking moment. Many hearing people
hate open captions. Will they watch that special
ASL-only, open-captioned program? If not, then
ratings will go down!


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