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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 31, 2013

— an embarrassing wrong spelling of Gallaudet

Many people misspell Gallaudet. It is no big deal, but when
a newspaper misspells Gallaudet it is embarrassing. Newspapers
are careful about grammar, spelling and style – yet the
Washington City Paper (not Washington Post) misspelled Gallaudet
twice in a recent article. This paper had Gallaudet spelled as
Galludet! The editorial staff probably had their faces red
when the story was published and distributed and fingers
pointed at them!


— a scary deaf scam email

DeafDigest editor received a scam email below:
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:09:31 -0500 (EST)
From: (a well known deaf criminal, name not mentioned)
To: (a strange email address, not
Subject: Real Estate Investment

Check out the latest and available properties, CLICK HERE. for immediate access.
Please sign on with your email.



This well known deaf person is in prison, yet there were emails
with his name on it! Did he mail these out from the prison e-mail
system or someone was scamming the deaf prisoner’s email address?
More likely a hearing scammer was scamming a deaf scammer!

Anyway if you see such scam emails with messages like
“I can only email you because of being hearing impaired” then
immediately delete these and never open these links.


— several Super Bowl facts and the deaf

We have had two football players, with some hearing loss, that played
in the Super Bowl. Who were they?

Reggie Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, two Super Bowls, 1982 and 1989;
he didn’t know he had a hearing loss until he was in 3rd grade

Mike Singletary, Super Bowl 1986;
he had to wear a hearing aid all his life

We have had two profoundly deaf players in the NFL – Kenny Walker and
Bonnie Sloan but they never played in the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens? Well, when the Ravens built their own new
stadium, the late owner, Art Modell wanted the huge scoreboard
to be captioned. His son John Modell was honored by the Maryland
Association of the Deaf for his work in setting up the scoreboard
with captions.


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