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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 22, 2013


— World’s second largest all-deaf family?

A while ago, DeafDigest posted a picture of the Frinks,
possibly the world’s largest all-deaf family. What about
the world’s second largest all-deaf family? Maybe, in India,
the Nair family has 17 deaf members (mother, father plus
15 deaf children). The Frinks family picture is at:

DeafDigest does not have the picture of 17 deaf Nair
family members of India.



— A cable TV company will not help a deaf family

A deaf family was disappointed about not getting
captions on the the TV programs. The cable TV
company would not help the deaf family. Why?
Because the deaf family was pirating the cable TV.
And when there were problems with the captions,
the deaf family was stuck!



— deafness surgery allowed in Italy, illegal in USA

a young deaf child was born without cochlea (a special
bone) that allows people to hear. An implanted device would
be needed to replace the missing cochlea. The Federal Food
and Drug Administration rules are strange. Adults are allowed
to have that operation, but children are not allowed! Italy
allows this operation in children. As a result, this deaf
child is having this operation in Italy! (this is not a CI, just a
different kind of operation).



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