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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 1, 2013

— copper wire thieves risk becoming deaf!

some people try to steal copper wires so they
can sell for money. There was a blackout in
a Kansas utility station because of stolen copper
wire. The power officials said that the blackout
have caused electrical shock injury to thieves,
and they have risked becoming deaf!



— deaf texting 911 in case of emergency

If you are deaf and if you have an emergency, you
send a 911 text, expecting first responders
to come and help you. Will this work? Tom Costello,
of NBC Nightly News, recently said that in past 3
months, over 13,000 911 texts were ignored. Why?
Because most 911 centers are old fashioned and can’t
handle text calls. If we complain to FCC, will they
help us?



— Hearing aid helps stop deaf people from falling down?

Will a hearing aid help stop deaf people from falling down,
and hurting themselves, while walking? Don’t know, but
a scientific team at University of Texas at Dallas and
University of North Texas Health Science Center is working
on a research to learn why older people (deaf and hearing)
fall down while walking! Part of the research involves
use of the hearing aid while walking. They hope hearing
aid use will help stop falling down!



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