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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 29, 2013

— Matt Hamill to fight on October 9th

Many fighters announce their retirement yet come back to fight again.
Matt Hamill is no different; he will fight against Thiago Silva
on October 9th in Brazil in his second comeback fight. How tough is
Thiago? Almost everyone thinks Thiago will win, but Matt is not afraid
of anyone!



— confusion over open captions and closed captions

Many people are still confused between open captions and closed
captions. Yes, both give us captions but both are different. With
open captions, we do not need special glasses. With closed captions
we require special glasses. Which is preferable? Hearing people hate
open captions. We, the deaf, prefer open captions, not closed captions.
Still, closed captions are better than no captions!



— a way for deaf club to raise money

Little Rock Association of the Deaf has been around for many years,
and is well known in the Arkansas deaf community – but like with many
other deaf clubs, it has been difficult to raise funds for club
operations. The club owns a 5 a.m. liquor license, and wants to
rent it out to a hearing club. A hearing is scheduled, and if
successful, the deaf club should see money coming in.





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