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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 31, 2013

— Big money stolen from a deaf organization

Not the first time, and not the last time, that a deaf organization
would lose money because of a thief that is the treasurer or officer.
A state association of the deaf recently announced it has lost a lot of
money because of the theft. The association said services of an attorney
and a financial professional have been hired. DeafDigest is not mentioning
the identity of the thief nor of the state association, so as to prevent
embarrassment. But the sad thing is – it will happen again and again!



— Internet group supports E-Bay, says no ADA for deaf

eBay has required Melissa Earll, a deaf trader, to confirm her
identity on telephone. She sued on basis of discrimination but
lost the case. She appealed the case with the 9th Circuit Court
of Appeals. The Internet Trade Group made a friend-of-the-court brief
argument claiming ADA regulations, if strictly enforced, would
ruin them! This is may not be good news for deaf individuals that
want to make a living on the internet.



— a new country singer works with a deaf filmmaker

Tim Sweeney, a new country singer, is working with Jules Dameron,
a deaf filmmaker and a former Deaflympics participant on including
ASL signs into his future country songs. While Tim is new to the country
scene, he is interested in ASL because his son is disabled (Down syndrome
and autistic).





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