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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 28, 2013

–small town anger at deaf person

DeafDigest mentioned that the Chakeres movie theater in
Frankfort, Kentucky was to be shut down in January,
not wanting to spend money to upgrade its digital equipment
to include captions. The closing has made people in the
town very angry, and they blamed a deaf person for filing
the lawsuit to force captions. The angry people used email
and social media to accuse the deaf person of being in the
lawsuit for the money. The deaf person said it was easier
to watch movies in Frankfort than to drive to a theater
in Lexington, about 30 miles away!

— two worst cruise ships for the deaf

What are the two worst cruise ships for deaf vacationers?
It is the Oceania and Holland America cruise lines.
No interpreters, no captions, no assistive devices,
no nothing! ADA? These cruise ships are not under
the American flag. If you wish to take a cruise
and want these accommodations, then you may need to
avoid both cruise lines!


— FCC continues to oppose a deaf cell phone app

For two years there was a request that FCC approve a cell
phone app that would help the deaf. Yet FCC continues to
say no. Why? This app would involve a stenographer that would
relay back to the deaf what the hearing person said. The
FCC says relay funds cannot be used to pay for that service.
FCC is scared that it will lead to relay fraud!




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