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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 29, 2013

— Deaf children learning how to be deaf?

Lecturer Joseph Valente, not deaf, is giving
a lecture at Bucknell University in
Pennsylvania. His topic is “How Deaf Children
Learn to be Deaf.” He says it is about
bilingualism. DeafDigest editor thought deaf
children are supposed to learn about these
3 R’s – reading, writing, arithmetic, the
same as hearing children?


— a cruel bedroom tax

Martyn Styles with his wife and deaf son, live in a
3-bedroom house in England. Martyn himself is deaf-blind.
and uses the third bedroom for Braille equipment and
computers. These devices allow him to stay connected
with the outside world. A Support Service Provider comes
in for assistance. Martyn is now faces a surprise
bedroom tax, which would cost him extra $65.00 per week.
He cannot afford the tax and is forced to chose between
keeping his house or with the Support Service Provider!
The British Deaf-Blind community is very angry about it.

— a drunk hearing driver gave the cops a crazy deaf story

Robert D. Bourque, not deaf, was caught driving while
drunk in Ontario. During the breathalizer test, he told
the cops that he poured alcohol into his ears to prove that
it will help cure deafness. The cops did not believe him and
arrested him. He is awaiting trial.




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