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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 30, 2013

— sign language banned in the court room

A deaf trial is going on in Maryland. The
Howard County circuit court Judge Judge William
Tucker told everyone that sign language and
obvious facial expressions were not permitted
during the trial. Only interpreters and
witnesses could use sign language. A shocked
attorney, specializing in ADA, said it was
the first time he heard about it. But another
attorney said the judge has the right to set
court room rules.


— a deaf resident’s problems with the smoke alarm

In Blackburn, England, Ken Jarvis, who is deaf, has
a big problem with the smoke alarm in his house.
Five or six times in recent months, the firemen
came to his house because the alarm went on while
he was cooking his meals. This alarm lacks a
flashing light, and he does not know if alarm went
on. He has asked for help, but no one – the fire
department, the home association and the social
worker knows what to do! Strange because the deaf
in USA have flashing lights.



— deaf rapper Sean Forbes’ biggest fear

Sean Forbes is the world’s best known Deaf Rapper.
He goes on tours with his musical performances.
Everyone has a fear. What is Sean’s biggest fear?
That his hearing aid would not work – in middle of
his performance on the stage. It, in fact, happened
few weeks ago! He cannot interrupt his performance
to change batteries. He had to rely on memory and
on drum rhythm to cue him during the performance!




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