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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 31, 2013

— a deaf dancer in a big performance

Zahna Moss, a young deaf woman, is a talented dancer.
Just recently she was part of a dance group that
performed for an event at the San Diego Dance Theater.
It was Trolley Dances, a long time dance tradition
in the San Diego hearing cultural community. Her
dream is to dance professionally. Way back in the
1970’s, a deaf man – Sam Edwards danced professionally
and was on a TV dance performance.


— Microsoft sign language device is bad

Microsoft has developed the Kinect, which is supposed to
translate our sign language. How good is it? It was only
able to translate one of 13 words into sign language.
What! Our ASL that hard to translate? No, it was the
Chinese Sign Language! Well, there are two sign languages
in China – the Southern Chinese Sign Language and the
Northern Chinese Sign Language. Perhaps Kinect got confused?

— Deaf wife’s interpreter in court is her husband!

A hard of hearing man in Alabama was punched in the face by a
neighbor. He filed charges against the neighbor. In the
courtroom, he asked for an interpreter. There was none. The
county gave him a choice – to wait for the interpreter, thus
delaying the trial or to go ahead with the trial with himself
as interpreter. He decided to go ahead with the trial, but
having to interpret his wife’s testimony. He lost the case and
is very angry about it. He is planning to file charges against
the state, saying that Alabama law allows him to have an




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