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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 30, 2013

— No CART or interpreter in Japan?

In Japan, the Members of the Gifu Association of the Hard of
Hearing Persons attended a Holiday Season event. Entertainment
(magic show, musicals, etc) were performed at that event. There
was no interpreter. There also was no interpreter. How did the
deaf members understand the program? A volunteer notetaker wrote
notes that were projected on the stage screen! No interpreter?
No CART? And no one in the deaf group complained!


— a deaf strongman versus the Superman?

Who is stronger – the Superman or the Hulk? Comic book fans
would like to know. Mike Habjan, not deaf, is a professional
animator, and he is trying to create a series of short videos
to have the Superman fight the Hulk – to see who is the
strongest. Well, is the Superman facing the deaf strongman?
Why the Deaf Strongman? The Hulk was played by deaf Lou Ferrigno,
a former champion bodybuilder, in a TV series that lasted
from 1977 through 1981, plus short appearances in the 2003 and
the 2008 Hulk movies!



— a small town honoring a deaf person

Espanola is a small town in Ontario, with population of just
5.400 people. Many people leave small towns when they finish
school to seek fortunes in bigger cities. Clifton Carbin,
a deaf man, grew up in Espanola but left the town to attend
Gallaudet University and then to seek employment in Deaf
Education on both sides of the Canadian continent. He
was recently inducted into the Espanola Wall of Fame
for his contributions to Deaf Education. Have there been
other deaf individuals being honored by their small towns?
DeafDigest does not know.




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