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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 25, 2014

— an important golf official in Great Britain

People in Great Britain love to play golf. There
is golfing competition between golf clubs. Each
club has a captain, who is responsible for running
the program (more like general manager in pro sports
in USA). One such club is Ellesmere Port Golf Club.
The club members recently appointed Peter Baker as
the club captain. He is deaf. He is responsible
for everything – schedules, rules, course upkeeping,
golfing policies, fund raising, recruiting top golfers,
etc. He is also a member of the national British
Deaf Golf team.



— a new law in Arkansas

Arkansas has passed a new law, requiring interpreters to be
licensed. These interpreters must have either a RID card,
a BEI card, a QAST card, a EIPA card or some other acceptable
certificate. Will more states copy Arkansas’ new law?
(these abbreviations are interpreter certificates with
different certifying groups). Remember not too long ago,
the state hired a person, with no sign language knowledge,
to serve as vocational rehabilitation interpreter. Public
outcry forced the state to rescind its job offer.



— Citibank hangs up on deaf relay calls

A deaf person wanted to discuss a credit card transaction
with Citibank, using the relay service. She tried 13 different
times in a 4-day span and was hung up each time by the Citibank
customer service representatives. Frustrated, she told this
story with a newspaper reporter who then contacted the
bank’s outreach team. They told her it was not the policy
of Citibank to hang up on deaf customers! Fortunately for
the deaf person, the outreach team had the credit card
issue resolved. It is very scary if other banks copy
Citibank’s behavior towards the deaf.




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