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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 26, 2014

— A deaf convention was a surprise for a deaf woman

In 2012, Tina Webb, a deaf graduate of North Carolina School
for the Deaf, attended a deaf convention in Las Vegas. She
grew up as an adopted daughter of a hearing family. At
the convention she bumped into a deaf South Korean leader.
Anxious to know about her real parents that gave her up for
adoption, she asked this leader some questions, using
Google Translate. Much to her shock, the deaf leader knew
her birth father from work! It led to a joyful family
reunion in South Korea. Back home in North Carolina
she works with deaf adults at group homes.



— ugly small town politics

Selah is a small town in Washington with just 7,000 residents.
And small town politics can be ugly. Ashleigh Elizabeth Rice,
a deaf woman, was a lifeguard at the Selah swimming pool.
When the old mayor was replaced by a new mayor, she lost
her lifeguard job. Said a person familiar with the
situation, someone forced the new mayor to remove the
deaf woman from her job. Luckily, few weeks later the
new mayor changed mind and gave the old job back to her.
Politics should never interfere with lifesaving skills
at the swimming pool!



— a deaf social worker with an interesting background

Rosa Guzman, who is deaf, is a clinical social worker
in Massachusetts. She works with deaf clients that
need counseling. On the side she teaches ASL at a
local college. There is another side to her – a
professional bikini and figure competitor that
have won prizes in competitive programs. It looks
like bodybuilding but it is not. In bodybuilding,
judges look for extreme muscles. In figures, judges
look for the best figures. A while ago DeafDigest
mentioned a deaf bodybuilder, which is what Rosa
is not. Confusing? Yes!




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