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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 27, 2014

— becoming a hospital resident

Jessica Dunkley, a deaf woman, graduated from the University
of Ottawa Medical School. All medical school graduates must
 become residents at hospitals before they are accepted
officially as physicians. All doctors go through this.
But for Jessica, it was difficult. She graduated from
medical school in 2010 but had to wait four years before
a hospital in Alberta would accept her as a resident.
Why? Old story – discrimination, discrimination and


— deaf-friendly law firm

many deaf people need legal assistance and have been
frustrated by hearing attorneys that are not able to
communicate with them; and interpreters can be very
expensive. And many deaf attorneys do not have their
own private practices but work for someone else.
What about Great Britain? The Solicitors Regulation
Authority has an award – Deaf Law Quality Mark. It
was just given to Howells Solicitors, a law firm with
branches in several British cities. This award honors
law firms that are deaf-friendly. Do we have this such
type of honor in USA? No.



— a deaf model honored by a national TV network

Amrita TV is a TV network in Malaysia. It provides
news and entertainment programs. One of the programs
is Super Model, a reality TV show. And a recent winner
is Sophia Joe, a deaf woman, who is 5’8 tall, and
attends classes at a Malaysian university. Her background
is impressive – modeling dresses at fashion shows,
several movie roles, competing in national and local
pageants, a track and field athlete. and doing some
glass painting and jewelry designs.




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