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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 1, 2014

— a non-captioned deaf movie becoming captioned 35 years later

In 1979, the movie “And Your Name is Jonah” featuring deaf child
Jeff Bravin was the talk of the Deaf Community. It was not
captioned (remember the captioning device did not become available
until a year later). Gallaudet had to caption that movie so it
could be shown to everyone on the campus. Many years later that
movie finally became captioned, and we all realized that we missed
out a lot in that movie in 1979. Said Bravin, now an administrator
at American School for the Deaf “What¹s interesting is that the plot
of the movie remains true for many deaf students today?



— the worst actors on the theatrical stage for the deaf

Who are the worst actors on the theatrical stage? An interpreter
said that many interpreters think they have to be good actors
in order to do interpreting on the stage. The truth is that most
interpreters cannot act! They may be the best ASL theatrical
interpreters in the world but they may also be the world’s worst
actors! Who cares as long as we understand these play lines.


— immigrant taxi drivers afraid to communicate with the deaf?

Many taxi drivers are immigrants. For some of us, we have had
bad experiences trying to communicate with some immigrant
taxi drivers. Even when we carefully use gestures, many
immigrants do not understand such gestures! And sometimes
they struggle to understand our handwritten notes. Some taxis
have iPads in front of back seats, which is great for us.
But some taxis don’t. In Vancouver, BC, there was an agreement
between the Vancouver Taxi Association, the B.C. Coalition of
People with Disabilities and the City of Vancouver to require
taxis to be deaf-friendly and disability-friendly. Are we seeing
that in American cities?



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