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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 27, 2014

— a big role for a deaf dancer

Simoné Botha, a deaf dancer from South Africa, has won
a big dancing role – the Queen at the Ballet. This
dance show is widely popular among music lovers all
over the world. She has been dancing all her life
and in fact, won a past Miss Deaf South Africa pageant.
She had to audition for this big dance role. After
watching her audition, the program director immediately
gave her the role.


— American Airlines insults the deaf

American Airlines, at the Houston Airport, misplaced
the luggage that belonged to a deaf couple. They had
to wait a few days before the lost luggage was found
and delivered to their home. The note, attached to
the luggage said, Deaf and Dumb. The couple is very
angry about it and has demanded an apology from
American Airlines. To date, the airline people have
not apologized!


— Italy ignores sign language

Hearing people gesture all the time in Italy. It is
an important part of their culture. Scholars Isabella
Poggi of Roma Tre University and Luca Vullo, a film
director, have documented these gestures for their
projects. What about Italian Sign Language (Lingua Dei
Segni Italiana – or LIS)? Pretty much ignored by
linguists and researchers. Deaf Italians are not too
happy about it. It is possibly because they do not
have a Dr Bill Stokoe, Father of ASL, in their corner!




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