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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 28, 2014

– are CI people disappointed in a famous deaf person?

A famous deaf athlete right now is Derrick Coleman, a member
of the Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks team. He wears
a hearing aid, and has endorsed a hearing aid battery brand.
He also just signed a new endorsement deal with a big hearing
aid company. Is it a hint for people, undecided between
a hearing aid or a CI, that a hearing aid is a better
choice? Which is actually the best choice, anyway? The
best choice is the choice you have made!


— deafness is part of a lawsuit

A big mess is going on with lawsuits filed by angry
ex-employees of the Old Orchard Beach town government.
The fired director of the town Public Works department
is deaf. He has accused the fired town manager of mocking
his deafness, making things uncomfortable at the workplace.
How bad are these lawsuits? It is now in the courts because
the Maine Human Rights Commission failed to make everyone
happy. These lawsuits has involved several issues; the
mocking of deafness is one of these issues!



— not able to meet deaf family members

A deaf woman learned that two of her cousins were deaf.
She has never met them. Why? The deaf woman’s grandfather
and the two cousins’ grandfather (both brothers) have
feuded with each other for a real long time and do not
speak to each other. The deaf woman has wondered if these
two deaf cousins are aware that they have a deaf cousin!




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