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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 31, 2014

— Deaf Bridge is gone, no more!

For years we had a Deaf Bridge. It was the Zorr
Bridge in Kashmir, a small nation near India and
Pakistan. Zorr? Deaf? In Kashmir language Zorr
means deaf, and that bridge was built during
the 1940’s by a deaf contractor, whose name no
one remembers! It was a wooden bridge, that
had been run down over the years because the
Kashmir government had no money to renovate
it! Eventally the name Zorr Bridge was changed
to Zero Bridge. It is no more, being dismantled
and gone for good.


— dangerous sign gestures in our ASL

Are some signs dangerous in our own ASL when we
communicate with the deaf? Not in USA, but possibly
overseas (Europe, Asia, etc). The Yahoo web site
pointed out many gestures that Americans use that
are dangerous to use over there. In our own ASL,
these dangerous signs are – perfect, two, hook,
five, hope, hand applause and thumbs up. Why?
These gesture signs are offensive to these people
and they may think we are insulting them while
actually we weren’t!


— a big reason for calling deaf as deaf and dumb

There was a big story last week of a “deaf and dumb”
note attached to the lost airport luggage that was
delivered to a deaf couple’s home. The American
Airlines has since then apologized for it and sent
the note-writer to a sensitivity training class.
Why did the baggage handler write that note? He is
an immigrant, from a nation where it is normal and
appropriate to call all deaf people as “deaf and dumb”!
What is normal to these people is not normal to us.



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