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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 28, 2014

— a surprising job description for captioners

a college in California has been advertising for a
real-time captioner to work with deaf students.
This college posted a job description – and one
line in it is interesting – Required: General knowledge
of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing culture. Why?
The college does not want to hire a captioner that
has negative thoughts about the deaf.



— the ADA and the deaf that live in condominiums

Very often deaf people that own condominiums get into
clashes with their condo board on hiring interpreters
for meetings. These deaf people scream that ADA requires
interpreters for them. True? Well, the ADA requires
interpreters for employment, public facilities and
public transportation. Condos? The ADA does not cover it!
Instead of screaming about ADA, they need to scream about
Fair Housing Amendments Act, which involves the HUD. But
getting an interpreter, as encouraged by HUD, is tricky;
more of an a case by case basis!


— a deaf professional baseball player in big trouble

Tyson Gillies, who is deaf, and is a minor league baseball
player with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (PA) has been
suspended for three games. He was so angry with his poor
performance in a game that he wrecked the hallway that
led to the team locker room. The IronPigs is a farm team
of the Philadelphia Phillies. Tyson, who began his pro
career in 2007, has been waiting for a long time to
play in a major league game. Will he play in the majors?
Good question.




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