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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 29, 2014


— 2nd most powerful person in Illinois knows ASL

Ryan Croke is the second most powerful person in
Illinois. He is the chief of staff, serving under
Gov. Pat Quinn. He signs ASL fluently, as he is
a Coda. He was recently seen signing in ASL with
Janice Smith-Warshaw, the deaf superintendent of
Illinois School for the Deaf. DeafDigest hopes
he will use his power for the greater good of the
deaf in the state of Illinois.



— CI at airport scanners

Many deaf travelers with CI are nervous about airport
scanners, afraid these would ruin these sensitive
electronic devices. A veteran deaf traveler, that
wears CI, said it is not a problem because these
devices are strong enough to withstand these
scanners. This is good news for deaf travelers,
traveling for the first time with their new CI’s.
with these CI’s.


— a famous deaf person on a TV program

A famous deaf person will appear for a short time
on the Switched at Birth program on the June 30th
episode. It is Derrick Coleman, the Seattle Seahawks
player which won the Super Bowl. This announcement
was made by TVGuide. Travis (Ryan Lane) and
Mary Beth (B.K. Cannon) will also appear at the same
time with Derrick.




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