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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 26, 2014

— A Deaf $10.00 USA Gold Coin

for more information and pictures of both sides of the coin,
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— a big Veterans Administration mess has involved a deaf person

There have been stories of a big scandal with the Veterans
Administration, involving cover-ups, faked accounting statements,
physical threats, etc. A deaf employee in the Las Vegas VA
office saw things that were not right and became a whistle-blower.
As a result, he has been physically threatened and threatened
with employment termination. It was a big story in the Las
Vegas newspaper.

— blaming the whistle for losing all soccer games!

The Birmingham Deaf FC, a deaf soccer team that plays in the
Birmingham (England) city soccer league, lost all games this
season. Why did they lose all games? The players blamed the
referees’ whistle, saying they cannot hear it and the hearing
players take advantage of it. They wanted the referees to use
flags instead of whistles. Does DeafDigest agree with the deaf
soccer team? No! Deaf athletes know that when the hearing
players slow down, the whistle has been blown.




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