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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 27, 2014


— the best photographer in Vermont

Drew Bressel, who is deaf, took up photography 8 years
ago with a low cost camera. He then moved up to more
expensive cameras. As a result, he already has over 150
pictures published in Vermont newspapers and shown on
local TV programs. How did he become so quickly successful?
He loves nature and was able to pick the perfect scenes
to take pictures, plus he is always learning new tricks
and tips with his cameras.


— a frustrated deaf attorney became a big man in financial world

Ernst & Young, now known as EY, is one of the world’s most
powerful companies in the financial world.It was started by
Arthur Young, a frustrated deaf attorney. Unable to succeed
in law because of his deafness, he switched to accounting and
established Arthur Young & Co. Over the years it merged with
another firm to become Ernst & Young. This firm now has branches
in over 150 nations!


— deaf pharmacist says interpreters don’t help deaf patients!

Shibata Masahiko is a deaf pharmacist with the Osaka General
Medical Center in Japan. He said that many deaf patients
don’t understand their medical needs even with interpreters
and notes! He said deaf patients understand better with
sign language deaf pharmacists than interpreting and notes.




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