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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 28, 2014


— Reserve Bank of India asks banks to give unclaimed money to DEAF

The Reserve Bank of India has asked that their banks
give to DEAF the depositors’ money that have not been
claimed for a long time. Money for DEAF? Yes, but it
is not what you think – In India, DEAF stands for
Depositor Education and Awareness Fund!


— Deaf Badge not worth it

A British deaf woman wears a badge that says DEAF.
When she goes to a store or a pharmacy or a car
repair shop, etc, she points to the badge to tell
them of her deafness. Many hearing people read the
badge but do not really realize that the woman is
deaf. They talk fast to her. In some cases, the
hearing person freezes, not knowing what to do.
Just a few hearing people will respond in an
appropriate manner. Most don’t. This deaf woman
lives in a small British town, not in London,
where people may know what to do.


— a big risk for the deaf to drive cars!

When a deaf person drives a car, it is a big risk.
And it has nothing to do with the driver’s deafness,
because deaf drivers often drive safer than hearing
drivers. It has to do with the noises inside the car.
A noise could mean knocking engine or a bad shaft
or a loose fan belt or a tapping engine or a
grinding engine or a whining steering wheel, etc.
Should the deaf stop driving? No – just drive
carefully! And pay attention if hearing passengers
say something about the noise.




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