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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 29, 2014

— Gallaudet offers a free house in Washington

Gallaudet is offering a free house in Washington.
The house itself is free but it has to be moved
from one location to another location. The cost
for the move by the house movers may be around
$55,000. Gallaudet said the house, if moved, could
be valued $200,000 on the real estate market. Really?
It is not Gallaudet University but is Ed Gallaudet,
a realtor in Seattle, Washington that is making
the free house offer. DeafDigest does not know if
Ed has any relationship with the famous Gallaudet


— Deaf Genetics Project looking for volunteers

The Deaf Genetics Project has four groups
(Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, UCLA,
Gallaudet and University of San Francisco) working
together. If you are over 18 years old and
interested in volunteering, then do contact – volunteers need
to access internet to participate and they will be
given a $40.00 gift card. You can also use the VP
for further information – 310-954-9031


— text to 911: good and bad news

We need text-to-911 with our wireless devices in
order to receive assistance during emergencies.
The good news is that technology is available.
The bad news is that full text to 911 services
in all 911 centers is years away according to
an article in the Forbes magazine. Why? We
have nearly 6,400 of 911 voice centers and not
all of them have up to date equipment to work
with new technology. It costs money and special
training with each center. This is the reason
for the “years away” estimate.



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