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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 30, 2014

— most important deaf person in London business world

Wisdom Umeugo, a London deaf man, is an important part of
the SkillFlick company. What does SkillFlick do? It is
like Angie’s List in USA where we need to reach plumbers,
electricians, car mechanics, physical trainers, etc.
This deaf man is responsible for the SkillFlick web site,
developing it, improving it, adapting it. And speaking
of Angie’s List, SkillFlick, with the help of the deaf
web developer, may be a serious competitor!



— a mascot surprise in Ohio

Pro teams in all sports have mascots. Their job is to
help with cheering and team spirt with the fans. As
a rule, they are not allowed to use voice to communicate
with the fans. But there is a surprise with the Dayton
Dragons minor league baseball team in Ohio (in the
Cincinnati Reds farm system). Heater, the team mascot,
knows ASL and in fact used it communicate with a deaf
kid! A local Dayton TV news program ran a video about it.


— getting $6,800,000 for becoming deaf

Laura Kavanagh, a young Irish woman, had meningitis as
a baby, and became deaf. Eighteen years later she filed
a medical malpractice lawsuit against two physicians.
In a settlement she won $6,800,000 (5,000,000 euros)
even though both doctors would not admit liability.
Meningitis nowadays is rare but it was common many
years ago. And no one filed these lawsuits in the past!




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