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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 28, 2014


— a young deaf woman gets a sweet revenge

17-year old Princess Pura is a deaf Filipino woman.
Yes, Princess is her first name. She entered a local
pageant for the first time. Nervous, she made some
mistakes on the stage, and the crowd booed her. Not
giving up, she entered the next pageant and qualified
for the final pageant – the “Queen of the Philippines.”
That she was able to enter this final pageant after
being booed for the first time has become her sweetest
revenge! The pageant people are already excited about her.


— Sorenson’s owners have filed bankruptcy

Some months ago, Sorenson seemed to have escaped
bankruptcy, and we thought things were looking up
for this relay provider. It was just learned that
Sorenson’s two co-owners – GTCR LLC and Madison
Dearborn, both Chicago private equity companies,
have filed bankruptcy, saying Sorenson’s heavy
debt is killing them ($1.28 billion in debt
payable February 2015). What will happen to
Sorenson? We do not know.

— homework to help the deaf during a convention

This week there is a convention of the National Court
Reporters Association that is taking place in
San Francisco. These conventioners are captioners
and CART operators. It may be very possible that some
of the realtime TV programs you are watching this
week have been captioned by these conventioners,
using their own captioning equipment in their hotel
rooms! Some of them work between convention workshops,
panels and social events. This is homework.





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