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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 29, 2014

— an ugly deaf incident in San Diego

The Comic-Con convention took place in San Diego.
It is for fans of comics that play out their
fantasties. The key event is the outdoors Zombie
Walk where costumed people have fun. But they
crowded the intersection, blocking a car with
a deaf family in it. No cops were around to handle
the parade traffic. The deaf driver honked his horn;
suddenly the Zombie Walkers jumped on the car hood.
The frightened deaf family felt threatened, and
sped away, accidentally hit a woman. The police now
is trying to sort it all out. For that reason, the
daily Zombie Walks were canceled.

— an employer hires the deaf for a big reason

ULTRA Testing is a software company. They want to hire
the disabled (the deaf, the blind and the autistic).
Sympathy? No. They say the blind hear things better
than the non-blind. They say the autistic are often
smarter than the non-autistic. The deaf? They say
deaf see things better than the hearing!


— Gallaudet in a Switched at Birth TV plot!

The Switched at Birth’s Isn’t What You Think
episode on TV has a Gallaudet plot. Gallaudet
has accepted Daphne Vasquez for admission.
Her father was not very happy about it, preferring
that she enroll at Northwestern University for
its pre-med program. DeafDigest wonders if the
Switched at Birth writers do not realize that
Biology is one of Gallaudet’s strongest




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