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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 30, 2014


— deaf being touched, tapped, poked, prodded at hospitals

Two hospitals in Texas are being sued by Texas Civil
Rights Project. What did they do wrong? The doctors at
these hospitals touched, tapped, poked and prodded
their deaf patients. All of these were done without
any interpreters around – leaving deaf patients upset
and confused as to why no one was around to explain
what and why the doctors were doing on their bodies.

— Deaf Soap Opera or Deaf Family Friendly TV show

The ABCFamily network is supposed to show only family
friendly TV programs. Yet there are accusations that
the Switched at Birth is more of a Soap Opera than
as a Family Friendly TV show. They are saying that
if it is really a soap opera then it should be moved
to these daytime soap opera channels. There were many
plots on the Switched at Birth episodes that are not
appropriate for viewers of the ABCFamily network.

— a deaf passenger on a bus

A bus driver, in a small British town, gave a passenger
and her two young daughters, a very hard time due to her
deafness. She bought discounted fares for her under-age
daughters, yet the driver would not accept it and forced
her to pay full fares. When the passenger told the driver
she was deaf and to please communicate slowly, the driver
laughed and put a speakerphone on her ear, claiming she
can hear the loud voices. She filed a formal complaint
with the bus company officials. The company apologized
for the incident and said they were investigating the
whole thing. The company was lucky she is not planning
legal action.




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