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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 31, 2014

— manufacturer of a defective CI wins court case

A CI manufacturer won a court case even though their
CI product was defective and had to be recalled. And
they never told the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
about this defective product. How did they win? The
Arizona federal judge said that there are no FDA
rules about defective CI’s, and so, this manufacturer
was lucky. Yet, the judge warned the manufacturer
that this lawsuit could be refiled with revised paperwork!

— captions valuable to a hearing company

TV captions are very important to Critical Mention.
It is a hearing company that follows media news
for its hearing clients. Much of the media news are
captioned, not voice! It is not the first time
a deaf device has helped a hearing company. In
the early eighties, a television station in
Nebraska bought 1,000 deaf TV decoders from
TDI. Why? The crop farmers in Nebraska needed the
text captions to get agriculture weather updates!
So if we say hearing people depend on deaf devices,
it is not a joke.


— a famous deaf entertainer with a scary name

The word Asphyxia is scary. It means choking the neck
to prevent the person from breathing. Well, there is
a famous entertainer whose name is Asphyxia. She is from
Australia and performs shows for the Grimstones, which
is a circus group that travels all over the world. And
she is deaf! She has been deaf all her life. She performs
everything – puppets, trapeze, hula hoops, etc. Why
Asphyxia? Do not know! Anyway, she is now writing a book
about her life.




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