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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 27, 2014

— A name for the Bison, Gallaudet’s mascot

The Gallaudet Bison, for many years, never had
a name – just the Bison. Now it has a new name –
Wilma, and it is a real-live Bison roaming
the grounds of the National Zoo (DC). Why Wilma?
To honor past Gallaudet graduate and current
member of Board of Trustees Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen.
A resident of South Africa, she serves in her
nation’s Parliament. Is the Bison deaf? Very
much doubt so! Her picture is at:



— Burma army beats up a deaf person

Burma is an Asian nation, near Bangladesh, India,
China, Laos and Thailand. This country has a repuation
for suppressing the basic needs of its citizens. Recently,
during a public protest, the Army told the crowd to
scatter and go home. One person didn’t – and he was
brutally beaten up. That person is deaf and would not
know the military people were barking at him. As
usual, the government didn’t care what happened.

— a baseball rule that hurts the deaf!

A strange baseball rule – the umpire was not permitted
to shout a strike without telling the batter first
about it. A hearing batter would hear the strike first
before the umpire shouted it out. But a deaf batter would
cause communication problems with the umpire. What rule
is it? Where is it in the rule book? Relax – this was
the rule between 1858 and 1869, before Dummy Hoy
became famous.



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