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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 28, 2014

— Did Switched at Birth TV fail the deaf?

The TV program Switched at Birth is considered
a success. But is it really a failure with us?
The program director, program writers, program
producer, program cameramen, program make up
artists, etc – are all hearing. The stars
are deaf but the crew are hearing. Success or

— Deaf Vibrations and Hearing Vibrations

Vibrations mean different things to different
people. Deaf percussionist Eve Glennie uses
vibrations to make a success out of her musical
performances. A physician that works with
tumors uses his own vibrations to help him
locate these danger spots. A sonic therapist
uses vibrations to help reduce pain and to
improve memory. Anyway this musician, physician
and therapist were guests in a recent British
TV show to explain their own versions of these


— Canada cruel to a deaf patient

A deaf man traveled 450 miles in the Newfoundland
between his home and the hospital for an
appointment for a heart surgery. This appointment
was made 8 months in advance. While Canada offers
free medical services, waiting lists can be long.
Upon arriving at the hospital, he was told the
operation cannot be scheduled because of lack of
beds! He had to return home with a wasted trip.
The Canadian newspapers made a big stink over
the way the hospital treated this deaf man.




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