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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 29, 2014

— 3D helping the deaf in one way

We have read all about 3D, but the question is – how
can it help the deaf? In the case of Brendon Borellini,
the deaf-blind photographer, mentioned in a past
DeafDigest edition, it has. With a picture that Brendon
cannot see but has shot, 3D creates lifted surfaces.
He can feel these surfaces to know the background and
the environment. Why did he take up photography? At
first, it was just a joke, but it became a strong
interest with him.


— sign language hooked up to the web

A group of German computer scientists is working
on a project – sign language avatars (cartoon-looking
characters). These sign language characters would
“listen” to audio sounds and translate them into
sign language. Will it work? Yes, according to a
deaf consultant that is on the sign language
avatar design team. DeafDigest editor is a bit
skeptical – because different American accents
may cause wrong gestures to be signed out in ASL.
Also there are different regional signs for the
same word. Just wait and see.


— deaf people had hearing aid problems in late 1880’s

The early hearing aids, in the late 19th century, were
heavy and had to be carried by hands. The batteries were
also big and heavy. It created problems for the deaf,
not because they had to concentrate while listening
to sounds, but because they couldn’t sign when carrying
the hearing aids! Fortunately, hearing aids got smaller
and smaller over the years.



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