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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 26, 2014

— a Derrick Coleman grade

Every player in the NFL is graded on their performances
and then compared to other players within their own
position. Derrick, who is deaf, is a fullback with the
Seattle Seahawks. In the NFL there are 31 fullbacks that
are graded. How did Derrick perform? He is the 5th best
fullback in the league according to Pro Football Focus
which does the grading. And in another poll by Bleacher
Report, he is rated #1 most popular Seahawks player!
Not bad for a player who played very little at UCLA
and ignored by fans.


— a shocking police department report

Every police department posts reports of crimes, serious
incidents and emergences. The Manchester Police Department
(Massachusetts) has this very shocking report. It said:
a man swallowed a hearing aid


— a wasted Marlee Matlin movie?

Many movies are made in Hollywood but never shown.
Many producers and directors change their minds
about showing the movies they just filmed. Many
reasons – and there is one Marlee Matlin that has
never been shown. It is “Silent Knights” and it
is about a successful hearing college football
coach getting into an accident and losing his
job. He then finds a new job as a coach at a
school for the deaf. He then becomes friends
with a deaf teacher. That teacher is Marlee



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