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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 27, 2014


— faked deafness in a relationship

Would a young hearing woman fake her deafness in
order to win the heart of a young hearing man?
It happened in Kodiak, Alaska and it is part
of the “My Crazy Love” TV series. It is not
known, however, if she has continued to fake
her deafness or if they are still dating
each other. Guess it happens in Alaska because
mates are hard to find, and competition is

— Derrick Coleman injured while warming up

Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks, will play
no more football this season. While warming up
for the game against St Louis Cardinals, he
broke his foot. It was not football that was
dangerous to him; it was just exercising his
legs that was dangerous! Hope he will recover
100 percent and play again in 2015.


— sign language lessons in a newspaper

Have we ever read a newspaper, or even a newsletter,
and turn to a page that has sign language lessons?
The government of Miyoshi, a town in Japan, is
publishing sign language lessons in the community
newsletter. The Japanese Federation of the Deaf
is happy about it.




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