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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 28, 2014



— hospitals face interpreting crisis

More hospitals are aware of interpreting needs
for the deaf; they know where to find interpreters,
and are also aware that many deaf people hate
Video Remote Interpreting. Yet, there is a huge
crisis. Many interpreters do not understand
medical terms; wrong signs on medical terms could
be fatal for deaf patients. This was the issue
raised by the NPR, a news distributor.

— Starbucks helping the deaf

A group of deaf people filed a lawsuit, accusing
Starbucks of discriminating against the deaf.
Starbucks is denying it and is fighting the
lawsuit. Does Starbucks really help the deaf?
In Great Britain, the Starbucks Community Fund
has donated funds for a deaf advocate so that
she could give deaf awareness workshops at
local social service agencies.


— a game for children to measure hearing or deafness

Sound Scouts, a small Australian company, has invented
a special game for children. The game has two purposes.
First is for children to have fun and enjoy themselves.
Second is for parents and teachers to find out if
the child has a hearing loss or not. Not sure how it
works but it has something to do with children
responding to beeps that come up while playing.




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