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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 29, 2014



— Noise in a coffee cafe with deaf coffee drinkers

In Fremont, Ohio, there is noise among deaf coffee
drinkers. Noise? It actually is NOISE, which stands
for Northern Ohio Interpreting Services and Education.
NOISE is hosting this coffee event for the deaf for
the first time. Deaf and Noise?

— difficult to find deaf Gallaudet presidential candidates

Gallaudet has had these deaf presidents – Jordan, Davila
and Hurwitz. Easy to find a next deaf president to
replace Hurwitz who will be retiring? No. About 8
years ago there was a survey to find a deaf candidate
experienced in higher education and with a doctorate.
After looking for them in colleges all over the world,
only 27 candidates could be identified! Very possibly
in 2015, this same small pool exists.


— apartment landlord forbids deaf residents

Could a landlord tell deaf people they are not allowed
to reside in his apartment building? Discrimination?
Yes, but it is happening in Nampa, Idaho! There is a
lawsuit that has involved the city mayor, the apartment
landlord, the city fire marshall and the city deputy fire
marshall. This discrimination against the deaf was
revealed during this lawsuit discussions. A big mess
out there in Nampa.




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