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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 30, 2014

— council meeting stopped few seconds after it started

DeafDigest mentioned few times that deaf councilwoman
Marisa Salzer (Montesano, Washington) has been battling
the city council for an interpreter for council meetings.
The council refused but was forced to hire an interpreter
under orders of the Washington Human Rights Commission.
Anyway, the council meeting started with an interpreter
but it stopped immediately few seconds later. She
complained of interpreter’s bad signing skills! Council
said interpreter is qualified. She said interpreter is
not certified.


— a real dumb deaf criminal

Many hearing criminals are dumb, the reason why cops
find it easy to catch them. We also have a few dumb
deaf criminals. Fouad Soussi, age 20, is deaf and
is a dumb criminal. He was the top drug dealer on
the streets of West London, UK, and was caught when
he posted online of his selfies. In these selfies
he was holding up bags of drugs. The judge sentenced
him to 5 years in prison.

— a deaf Halloween movie

Halloween is coming up and there are many horror
movies shown on TV. What is the best Deaf Halloween
movie, and even also what is the craziest Halloween
movie? It is Deafula, written, produced and directed
by Peter Wolf, who also acted the Deafula role in 1975.

Said a critic:
movie is black and white and contains no screaming
victims and no Transylvanian accents, and it is all-ASL,
and it is strange that Deafula wears a big, plastic
clownish nose!




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